Here at Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center, we strive to answer all holistic health and wellness inquiries to the best of our knowledge and as quickly as possible. Below are some of the most common questions we are asked:

  • How much does an appointment cost?
  • Do you take insurance?
  • Do you treat patients without insurance?
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
  • What is a tandem practice?
  • Are your services good for me?
  • How many visits will it take for me to get better and see results?
  • What makes your practice different from others?
How much does an appointment cost?

Each appointment’s cost is going to vary based on many factors, such as:

  • Do you have insurance, or will you be paying out of pocket yourself (AKA self-pay/cash)?
  • Which service(s) will you be receiving?
  • What types of supplements, products, test kits, and equipment have been recommended to you?
  • Will you be purchasing just one visit or a wellness package?
  • Do you qualify for our discount program (military veterans, healthcare staff, first responders)?
  • Did someone refer you to our practice?

So as you may imagine, because of the variability and the fact that one question may turn into many follow up questions, it is usually best to discuss this question by contacting/visiting the office! We have an open door policy during office hours, are fully transparent with all our pricing, and are happy to try and help you find the most affordable and effective solutions to your health concerns 🙂

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Do you take insurance?

Yes! Patients have the option to file to their insurance for each chiropractic visit. You can see a list of the insurances we are in network with by clicking this link.

Please do keep in mind that due to each patient’s individual insurance coverage and plans, out of pocket expenses will vary from patient to patient. Therefore, we are only able to inform you of your appointment costs after receiving your insurance info since we will need to look it up in our software first.

Schedule your first appointment below and our administrative staff will assist you in looking up your insurance benefits and coverage prior to your visit!

Do you treat patients without insurance?

Yes! Insurance is not required to become a patient at Weddington Wellness.

Appointment costs will depend on multiple factors. See FAQ section above labeled “How much does an appointment cost?” for more details, but always feel free to call our office directly or visit us in person!

Do you accept walk-ins?

If we happen to have availability at that time, yes! We try to accommodate patients as best we can, but our schedule is often too busy to accept walk-ins, especially during popular visit times (beginning, middle, and end of the day). To give you the best appointment times possible, it is best to call our office so we can find you a spot on our schedule ASAP!

What is a tandem practice?

A tandem practice simply means that any of our doctors can see you for any of our services! We operate in such a way that attempts to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules. And the best way to do that is to encourage patients to be comfortable receiving treatment from any doctor according to who is available when you would like to be seen.

We understand it is natural to have favorites and preferences, and that’s fine! However, we have extremely high standards when it comes to the doctors and staff employed with WCWC, so we can assure that all our patients will receive high-quality care to facilitate the best overall experience and best results possible!

Are your services good for me?

Short answer: it is highly likely that you can respond positively to any of our services, but there are many variables at play.

Long answer: yes, but we cannot guarantee success, progress, nor positive results simply because each person’s body is so individual and can inconsistently respond to our treatments for nearly an infinite variety of reasons. This is precisely why we have many integrative services that we offer in order to address each individual’s unique symptoms. Yet, even one person’s body may respond differently from day to day (even hour to hour) based on how they feel that day!

Although, if it helps you feel comfortable becoming one of our patients, check out some of our great testimonials and reviews! We have been in practice for over 40 years and have helped literally thousands of patients achieve optimal health. Additionally, all WCWC practitioners always actively practice, suggest supplements/products, and offer all medical insight and guidance while knowingly under the Hippocratic Oath, which states that each practitioner promises to only do good and cause no harm to all patients – we truly care about our patients and have taken an oath to do our absolute best (always with the best intentions and to the best of our skills and abilities). Because of that, most patients will leave our practice feeling healthier and performing better. Yet, even with all that said, because of the variable nature of the human element, we simply cannot make any guarantees.

How many visits will it take for me to get better and see results?

As stated in the FAQ section above, answering this question must factor in nearly an infinite number of variables.

Each person’s body is individual and will respond uniquely. And, unfortunately, none of us have an all-knowing crystal ball (yet). Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to provide you with an exact number of visits or list of treatments that will guarantee success.

However, things that will definitely increase your chances of getting better faster include:

  • Prioritizing and adhering to the recommended treatment schedule you will receive at your Report of Findings (aka ROF)
  • Consistently performing your Home Exercise Program (instructed at your ROF as well)
  • Following the doctor’s recommendations according to which other services may help you (for example: chiropractic AND massage AND nutrition)
  • And, of course, frequently practicing self care! This includes watching your posture (looking at you WFH people), getting enough sleep, hydrating enough and eating proper nutrition, laughing, reducing stress, and practicing a positive mindset, exercising regularly with proper technique, practicing proper sexual health, and having lots of chocolate and wine! (kidding… but indulge and enjoy yourself in moderation!) 😉
What makes your practice different from others?

Primarily, our practice offers numerous integrative holistic services, all under one roof, at a high level of quality that speaks for itself with thousands of happy, healthy patients and 40+ years of experience under our belts. Our Triangle of Health approach to patient care focuses on addressing the body’s structural, chemical/nutritional, and emotional systems all at once in order to hone in each symptom’s root cause – without our multi-credentialed doctors addressing each of the body’s systems simultaneously, we would effectively leave rocks unturned and reduce the chances of providing the best care possible for our patients. We love what we do, we believe in what we do, and we truly do care to help figure things out for each patient.

And simply put, something that is irreplaceable and impossible to replicate in any other clinic anywhere else in the world is our team and the environment we create at WCWC. Nowhere else will you find a staff that cares about their patients like we do. We work hard AND play hard, love to have fun, and do our absolute best to cultivate an enjoyable, healing environment for all!



Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question is not mentioned! We are happy to help you through your journey to optimal health 🙂


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