Do you know what your body might be nutritionally abundant or deficient in? Do you know which supplements and vitamins are actually beneficial for you? Do you know how certain supplements and vitamins interact with one another?

WCWC can eliminate the guess work and answer each of these questions by providing and guiding you through a structured nutritional program based on your individual needs!

Functional Medicine/Nutritional Counseling In Blakeney Area of Charlotte, NC

Most people can benefit from working with a naturopath for many different reasons – whether you need a complete diet overhaul, are managing a medical condition, or if you’re looking for better athletic performance, we can help! Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center At Blakeney offers a holistic nutritional approach to help you achieve optimum health.

Is Nutritional Counseling right for me? If any of the following apply to you, then you may benefit from our functional nutrition program:

  • You’re experiencing stubborn health issues that won’t go away and you don’t know why.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.
  • You’ve tried other treatments, protocols, or products and nothing has seemed to help.
  • You have a chronic health condition (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) and you’d like a better way to manage your symptoms.
  • You have digestive issues such as IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, etc.
  • You struggle with depression, anxiety, fatigue, mental fog, and/or other mental/emotional dysfunctions.
  • You want to lose/gain weight.
  • You want to improve your athletic/fitness performance.

What should I expect?

Our specialized nutrition program allows us to make sense of the confusing symptoms you have been struggling with, address the stubborn acute conditions you can’t get rid of, and guide you into wellness with a clear, easy to follow plan that pinpoints a protocol to address each of your health concerns!

To get started, prepayment is required to schedule your appointment. Please call our office so that we may book your consultation date/time. After your initial consultation, we will review the results of any required lab work and make calculated recommendations & plans based on which symptoms you are experiencing as well as which bloodwork markers you are showing an abundance/deficiency in from a functional medicine perspective. This is how our specialized program can design the best customized plan of care for you and get you on the right track towards optimal health!

Please use the scheduler on this page or call (704) 282-1968 to schedule your appointment and get started on your nutrition journey with WCWC!

Ready to Experience How You Can Benefit from Our Nutrition Programs?

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